Case Studies

Topsoil Removal & Reinstatement

Project: Strategic Alliance Water Pipeline Elsham to Lincoln

Client: Anglian Water

DMJ was awarded the easement works package in Autumn 2022. As part of the earthworks scope, 680,000 cubic metres of topsoil from various land parcels across the pipeline route was to
be removed and stockpiled.


The topsoil to be removed was located along the route of a new waterpipe to carry drinking water from Elsham pumping station to Peterborough pimping station. Most of the land is owned by some of the UK’s premier food growers and, as such, has very high nutritional values, which needed to be protected and returned to use after the pipeline was installed.


DMJ used its state-of-the-art low-emission and low-ground-pressure excavators and bulldozers to strip the soils. Once stripped, the soil was bunded and sealed to ensure the nutritional values were secured.

Once the new pipeline was installed, DMJ returned to site and reinstated the 680,000 m3 of topsoil.

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