Case Studies

Lincoln Bypass Site Clean-up

Project: Lincoln Bypass Site Clean Up

Client: Lincolnshire County Council

The Lincoln Bypass Scheme was constructed through some of Lincolnshire’s prime arable land. During the scheme’s construction, several locations were chosen as temporary storage compounds for materials used on site. Once the project was completed, the land was to be restored to its original use.


When the land was restored to its original state, the landowners refused to accept it as a significant amount of debris was found in the soil, to such an extent that future crop yields would be significantly reduced.


We used a bulldozer and scarifier to loosen the land and expose the hidden debris. With the loosening works completed, a mechanical stone picker was deployed, and over 200 tons of stones and debris were removed from the site and recycled.

Once free from contaminants, DMJ’s experienced team levelled the field using a SE OOF D6 five-way bladed bulldozer.

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