Case Studies

grading of glass house floor

Project: Glass house floor grade

Client: Fountain Plants LTD

As part of a major expansion project in South Lincolnshire, Fountain Plants constructed a new state-of-the-art, fully automated and ventilated glass house to incubate plants in their infancy.


Fountain Plants contracted DMJ to install the drainage on its new glass house, and whilst on-site, the client asked DMJ to realign the structure’s floor to allow safe working on elevated platforms while installing an overhead irrigation system.


A D6 bulldozer was deployed to the site within a week, and work commenced. The close proximity of the roof’s vertical struts and the width of the bulldozer’s blade posed a significant challenge for DMJ’s driver. There was no margin
for error! Despite several nervous moments and thousands of glass panels,

the required floor levels were achieved without a single panel being broken.

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